Kids put on weight due to sleep deprivation, caused by smartphone use: Study

The study said children who constantly use electronic devices such as TV, gadgets before sleep would face severe consequences like obesity and sleep deprivation, which may lead to severe mental illnesses like depression and suicidal tendencies

Smartphone use before sleep may make your kid obese. Pixabay

A study blamed the smartphone-addiction as the main cause for sleep deprivation among children which is resulting in severe illness and depression, of late.

The findings showed that these kids who are in the habit of using Smartphone or playing video games and staying late night watching television before going to bed are likely to experience an average of 30 minutes less sleep than the normal kids.

A previous study revealed that viewing more on such electronic tools or digital screen triggers the increased risk of depressive disorder and suicides among teen girls. Spending more time on digital screens is associated with severe mental illness.

Constant usage of electronic devices would disrupt children's sleeping habits and it will lead to sleep-deprivation among them. The result could be seen in children not able to pay attention in the class. Their daily eating habits would get disturbed, thus leading to higher body mass (BMI).

"We saw technology before bed being associated with less sleep and higher BMI," said Caitlyn Fuller, researcher at the Pennsylvania State University in the US. "We also saw this technology use being associated with more fatigue in the morning, which circling back is another risk factor for higher BMIs. So we are seeing a loop pattern forming."

The study examined 234 children, aged between 8 and 17 years about their sleep and technology habits. The study was published in the journal Global Pediatric Health.

Parents need to take care of their kids who are over-involved in electronic devices while eating a meal or before going to bed, said the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).