OnePlus 5: An iPhone 7 clone on the block

OnePlus takes Twitter to release a photo of the OnePlus 5 showing a shiny matte black physical.

oneplus 5
Twitter / OnePlus

OnePlus has officially confirmed the design of OnePlus 5. Yesterday, the company took Twitter to release a photo of the next-generation smartphone showing its physical build.

Barely two weeks to go before the unveiling of the OnePlus 5, the Chinese smartphone maker posted on the social media platform a sneak peek of what is to come for the device. While the teaser only shows one side of the phone, it clearly shows that the phone rocks a luscious curved design in shiny matte black colour.

The OnePlus 5 also has a horizontal, not vertical as rumours said, dual camera setup. Recent reports hint that OnePlus is working with DxO Labs to breathe into life the leaked tagline "Dual Camera. Clearer Photos". DxO Labs is a French image processing software developer that that has worked with industry leaders like Nikon, Fujifilm, Pentax, and Panasonic.

Critics, however, are not satisfied with the much-anticipated sneak peek for some reason. For one, the OnePlus 5 is sporting a very familiar design, to which many have called a clone of the iPhone 7 Plus. "That's not entirely bad, but it's not great either...If all else fails, copy Apple", BGR reports.

In the meantime, fans still have to wait for the front design revelation in the coming days as OnePlus did not include a render of the phone's façade. The phone, though, is not expected to sport the edge-to-edge thin bezel design, a trend that has thrown in so much excitement in the smartphone department. Previous leaks already unveiled some of the phone's specifications such as the 3,300mAh battery, a downgrade from the predecessor's 3,400mAh.

OnePlus 5 launch event happens on 20 June. Pre-orders shall commence immediately.

This article was first published on June 10, 2017