One Killed, Three Injured in Shootout Outside Trader's Joe After Drug Deal Goes Wrong? Shooting Suspect Arrested

One person was killed, and three others severely injured after an unnamed man opened fire outside a southern California Trader Joe's on Saturday afternoon. The suspects were taken into custody following the shootout.

Trader Joe's parking lot where the shootout took place on Saturday afternoon. Twitter

Shooting Related to Drug Deal

The incident took place around 3.45 pm outside the store located near Fallbrook Avenue and Bowen Street. The Daily Mail reported that the shooting might have resulted due to a 'gang-related' dispute during a parking lot drug deal.

While a 45-year-old man was killed in the shootout, the injured have been identified as a 35-year-old woman, a 35-year-old man and a 45-year-old man. As per the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), following the altercation "multiple suspects produced firearms and fired at each other" in the parking lot of the store.

"We believe that all of the people involved in this dispute have been identified and we believe we have them in custody, or we have them where we can provide them medical care," LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton was quoted by the outlet.

Claiming that following the shooting one of the suspects fled in a vehicle, Hamilton said that an LAPD helicopter was able to help track the suspect and noticed the vehicle had its windows shot out. "That suspect became involved in a hit-and-run traffic collision where he injured someone else and continued fleeing the area. He subsequently switched vehicles and the air units saw him switch vehicles," said Hamilton.

Social Media Reacts

Videos posted on the social media show a man being taken into the custody. According to the cops, the suspects surrendered near Owensmouth Avenue and Saticoy Street and two firearms were recovered.

The incident invited a lot of reactions on social media. "Today was scary for me too. There was a mass shooting by my house at my Trader Joe's parking lot. Then a police chase and hit & run accident. Too close to home! Hopefully tomorrow is less scary!" tweeted a user.

"They shooting at Trader Joe's in the daytime. S**t is bad," wrote another user.

"Trying to relate a Mass shooting like happened in Ca today at a Trader Joe's or a gang/drug related drive by event to a school shooting is foolish. They are in no way the same. School events are typically planned where drive by drug related shootings are targets of opportunity," read a tweet.

This article was first published on April 2, 2023