Do You Know Who Are The Top-Earning Korean Celebs on Instagram?

Instagram has not only changed the game of content marketing but has become a big source of earning. A platform that recently gave earning opportunities to content creators has been a good source of earning for the past few years through brand endorsements. Korean celebrities who are constantly rising on the popularity charts are making the most from Instagram. You will be amazed to know the kind of enormous wealth these celebrities are creating through Instagram. Let us know the king and queens of social media earnings from Korea

BlackPink Lisa

BlackPink Lisa is the social media queen ranking number one in terms of earnings from Instagram. She is one of the most expensive Asian celebrities who charges a staggering amount for each of her posts on social media. Lisa has more than 90 Million followers on Instagram and charges $200,000 for each Instagram post. She is one of the most popular personal brands across the globe. Products endorsed by her are sold like hotcakes in every part of the world.

blackpink lisa


BlackPink is the most loved girl band, and each of its members is equally popular on social media. Another member Genie comes next to Lisa on the list of highest-earning celebs. She charges $170,000 per advertisement on her profile page. From beauty to lifestyle products whatever she endorses becomes the limelight within hours. This is the reason brands do not hesitate to pay her so well.



The third member of Blackpink is not far behind these two divas. Rose, one of the most beautiful members of the band, charges $160,000 per post. She is the preferred choice from fashion to cosmetics and lifestyle brands. After all,70 million loving followers on Instagram are a huge number for businesses to understand her celeb power.



Although gorgeous ladies are leading in the list of highest-earning celebs, dashing Korean male celebs are not far behind. One of the most handsome Korean singers Chanyeol, from the popular Boyband Exo, is the top-earning male celebrity. He charges a whopping $14,0000 per Instagram advertisement. From men's grooming products to watches and soft drinks, he endorses many global brands.



Another young heartthrob from Exo band Sehun charges $130,000 per Instagram post. With has more than 23 million followers on Instagram. He is not only one of the most loved celebrities in Korea, but his fever has gripped the entire continent. He is definitely someone who can take a brand to the next level through endorsements.