Olive Garden Manager Tells Workers to 'Bring Dead Dog as Proof' Over 'Staggering Rate' of Staying Off Work; Gets Fired

A manager at Kansas-based Olive Garden restaurant was fired after her rant to the staff about "staying off work" went viral on social media. The manager, whose identity was not revealed, told the employees to prove if they were calling in sick from the job.

Olive Garden

"Bring Dead Dog as Proof"

The harsh message, which went viral on social media, was sent by a manager to the staff of the restaurant in Overland Park, Kansas complaining about taking offs "at a staggering rate."

"Our call offs are occurring at a staggering rate. From now on, if you call off, you might as well go out and look for another job," reads the viral memo. "We are no longer tolerating ANY excuse for calling off. If you're sick, you need to come prove it to us. If your dog died, you need to bring him in and prove it to us. If its a 'family emergency' and you can't say, too bad. Go work somewhere else."

"If anyone from here on out calls out more than ONCE in the next 30 days you will not have a job. Do you know in my 11.5 years at Darden how many days I called off? Zero. I came in sick," reads the note. "I got in a wreck literally on my [way] to work one time, airbags went off and my car was totaled, but you know what, I made it to work, ON TIME! There are no more excuses," read the 300 worded letter.

Darden Restaurants Says Message Not Aligned with Company's Values

Speaking for the management team "collectively," the manager went on to demand "no more complaining [sic]" about being able to leave early, besides reminding wait staff that they're "in the restaurant business."

"Do you think I want to be here until midnight on Friday and Saturday? No," reads the letter. "I'd much rather be at home with my husband and dog, going to the movies or seeing family. But I don't, I'm dedicated to being here. As should you. No more excuses or complaints."

Meanwhile, in a communique to Today, while confirming that the manager was no longer with the company spokesperson for Darden Restaurants, which owns Olive Garden, said, "We strive to provide a caring and respectful work environment for our team members. This message is not aligned with our company's values."