Ohio Social Worker Accused of Sexually Abusing 13-Year-Old, Re-arrested After She Went to Victim's Home with Gun and Threatened to Kill His Mom

Payton Shires
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A former Ohio social worker accused of having sex repeatedly with a 13-year-old allegedly showed up to the victim's home with a gun this week and threatened to kill the boy's mother and herself.

Now, 24-year-old Payton Shires is back behind bars and faces additional charges stemming from the incident, WBNS-TV reports.

Shires Went to Victim's House with Gun, Accused Him and His Mother of 'Ruining Her Life'

As previously reported, Shires was arrested earlier this month and charged with sexual conduct with a minor after she allegedly admitted to engaging in multiple sex acts with the 13-year-old, whom she was assigned to serve as a mental health counselor.

Shires was released from jail on October 11 on a $50,000 bond, lowered from $500,000, which required that she stay away from the boy.

However, on Thursday, Shires allegedly went to the victim's home around 5:30 p.m. carrying a handgun and threatened to kill his mother and herself, according to court records obtained by NBC4. When officers arrived around 5:40 p.m., Shires was sitting on the porch and had the gun to her head with a finger on the trigger.

Shires allegedly told the victim's mother that she wanted to kill her and herself "because she and the victim ruined her life and took everything from her," WBNS-TV reports, citing court documents.

The victim's mother was not at the residence but saw Shires on the porch via a doorbell camera and called police, The Columbus Dispatch reports. The doorbell camera stopped working at some point during the situation.

Shires Now Facing Additional Charges

Shires now faces charges of two counts of intimidation of a victim or witness and an additional $100,00 bond, which includes a prohibition against possessing a firearm. She is being held in the Franklin County Jail.

As part of the initial investigation, police found a video on the boy's phone showing Shires and him having sex. The two also allegedly engaged in unspecified sexual encounters at least twice throughout the city of Columbus, according to WSYX-TV.

Shires had allegedly asked the boy whether he "deleted the videos" and inquired about whether his mother had seen the videos or incriminating text messages.