Oh My Girl YooA Slams Harasser: 'Why do you want to know whether or not I am wearing underwear?'

Singer YooA's wish to have a positive interaction with her fans on V Live did not go as per her plans recently after perverts started asking sexually inappropriate questions. The 25-year old hit out at the people who crossed all the lines of decency.

Oh My Girl YooA
Oh My Girl YooA. Instagram

Sharing her displeasure, she wrote, "Strange comments keep appearing in the chat. " YooA shamed one of the harassers and asked, "Why do you want to know whether I am wearing underwear or not?"

However, many appreciated the singer for showing courage to shame the miscreant and asking the right question. Many people slammed the harassers for passing inappropriate comments. During her two-hour chat, the 25-year old had a wonderful time chatting with the fans where she shared her stories and gave beauty tips.

YooA started her journey in showbiz through WM Entertainment's mini-album. In the last five to six years, she has been part of a couple interesting albums. She made her debut as a solo artist with Bon Voyage in 2020. This turned out to be a hit.

A few months ago, YooA won her first trophy for this solo work on 'The Show'. She turned emotional on stage as she said, "This is my first time promoting solo, and I'm grateful for all the love. I worked hard to prepare so I wanted to show you all a lot of good performances, and I'm so happy to be receiving this trophy. I didn't expect that I'd receive an award, but I'm so happy you've given it to me. Our [fans] Miracle, I love you so much, and thank you to our Oh My Girl, the staff, and my family. Thank you, 'The Show'!"

She has also worked as a cast member in KBS' Idol Drama Operation Team in 2017. She was then a contestant in MBC's King of Mask Singer following which she was part of Food Diary and Mnet's Running Girls.