BewhY, Khundi Panda's Agency in Damage Control After Listeners Slam Rappers' Rude Behavior

Rappers BewhY and Khundi Panda have been severely criticized for causing discomfort to the listeners on a radio program. They had appeared together on KBS' 'DAY6's Kiss The Radio', which is hosted by DAY6's Young K, on 15 January.

BewhY and Khundi Panda
BewhY and Khundi Panda. Instagram

The rappers were asked to respond to the listeners' requests after reading their personal stories. However, some of their response was considered "rude" by the netizens. For example, a fan had requested him to tell his name once on the show to make him happy, but Khundi Panda was reluctant to say it.

Another fan wanted Khundi Panda to sing a song live on the show, but he turned down the request stating that he forgot the lyrics and would sing the next time he comes on the air. Further, a fan asked whether the rappers could sing each others' songs. Responding to it, he said, "Is it possible? We didn't practice that before, so we probably can't do it today."

If it was not enough, BeWhy used curse word on the show that did not go well with the listeners. Commenting on Khundi Panda's singing style, the winner of Show Me the Money 5, according to Soompi website, said, "He's f***ing good." Such language is against the standards of KBS and even the host's attempt to put those words in a positive way went in vain as he repeated the same comment to appreciate Panda's singing ability.

The listeners took to social media sites to criticize their behavior on the radio show. Many asked them the reason why they turned up for the show if they were not interested to come in the first place.

DejaVu Group Lends Apology
After the rappers' behavior came under attack, their agency DejaVu Group has chipped in for the damage control by issuing an apology over their behavior. The press release said, "We apologize to all those involved during the radio broadcast incident on January 15, including DAY6's Young K-nim, all radio production staff, as well as fans and listeners for causing discomfort.

After the issue was raised, the artistes involved as well as our agency's staff contemplated on the faults of the broadcast and how others may have been negatively affected. We were able to understand all of the faults and inappropriate behaviors, and such behaviors must be corrected. We also directly contacted the production staff and DJ-nim to offer on apologies. We also apologize for uploading this apology statement late, as we needed to take time to gather our thoughts and offer our sincerest apologies."

Nonetheless, the fans are not happy since BewhY and Khundi Panda have not lent the apology. It has to be noted that both the rappers have shared the same apology press release on their social media pages.