High School Rapper 4 Contestant Kang Hyun Forced to Quit the Show after Sexual Assault Allegations Surfaced Online

The fourth season of High School Rapper landed in controversy just a day after it took off. An anonymous person made sexual assault allegations against a contestant, forcing him to quit the show.

High School Rapper 4
Mnet's High School Rapper 4. {Representational Image of the show] Twitter

Kang Hyun, who was one among the 40 contestants selected for the makers of the show, has walked out of the show after the sexual allegations were made against him in an online forum. The channel has announced that his portions will be edited out from future episodes.

What Spokesperson Says?
A spokesperson has stated that the producers of the show had done background checks of the contestants and this issue had not come to their attention. "After seeing the online post related to Kang Hyun, we checked with the contestant himself to see if it was true. Kang Hyun apologized for causing a scandal and said that he would step down from the program." the representative of High School Rapper 4 is quoted as saying.

The makers of the show have lent an apology for creating discomfort to its viewers while assuring the audience of editing out Kang Hyun's portions from future episodes.

Fans Divided
However, not much information is available over the incident. Since he has apologized and quit the show, Kang Hyun seems to be guilty. Unconfirmed claims say that the issue had reached the court years ago and the victim had won the case. As a result, the fans are now divided over the issue.

Some fans are happy to see that the sexual offender had quit the show, there are some netizens who wonder why he is being targeted for an old issue since he has already received the court's punishment. They feel the victim is creating unnecessary drama even after getting justice.

Mnet's High School Rapper show is one of the popular programs on TV. This show has become a good platform for younger amateurs to showcase their platform. This year, itvhad received about 12,000 applications out of which 40 contestants have been selected.

The panel of judges includes some of the top names from Korean hip-hop: The Quiett, Nucksal, Yumdda, Simon Dominic, Loco, Changmo, Way Ched, Jay Park, pH-1 and Woogie.