Oh My Girl Seunghee's Agency Gives Befitting Response to Tank's Latest Threats

WM Entertainment has given a new statement on behalf of Seunghee over producer and composer Tank's latest video demanding her to leave the group, Oh My Girl. The company has confirmed that she has sent a legal notice to him while stating that her stand on him remains unchanged.

Tank and Oh My Girl's Seunghee
Tank Targets Oh My Girl's Seunghee Again. Instagram

In the latest statement, WM Entertainment claims that Seunghee has collected necessary documents against him over spreading malicious information about her, about his constant harassment and the threats. The artist has filed both criminal and civil lawsuits against him on 12 March.

The statement adds that she would not be communicating with him anymore as he is using every opportunity to his favour. "We will make him legally responsible for all his actions. The company will do its best to protect its artists," the statement read.

"Messages that TANK sent Seunghee in the past included phrases such as, 'When I die, reveal the KakaoTalk messages I sent you to defend yourself. The world's judgment will be divided into those who criticize me as someone who ended his own life pitifully after loving one woman," and "The media will remember forever that if I die, it's because you killed me." As these messages implied he was thinking of suicide, we approached the situation with as much caution as possible.

However, TANK has caused shock and violence to many people by releasing extreme videos that put his life on the line. Since this has caused violence and discomfort to more people than just our artists, we have decided that we could no longer stay silent or remain idle about this behavior," Koreaboo quotes the agency as saying.

Tank's Latest Claims
Tank targeted Seunghee again on Thursday, 25 March. In a newly-released video on YouTube, the rapper said that getting into a legal battle with him will not make much of a difference to him citing the treatment that he has been undergoing for three years.

"You have told me too much already. You should leave the group now and go back to your hometown to open a 'dakgalbi' business. Then maybe I'll let your team off the hook. You don't have much time left. You can't sue me. If you sue me, you won't win. I have 3 years of medical records of mental health therapy." Allkpop quotes him as saying in his latest video.

Tank's Controversial Video
A few weeks ago, Tank released a song in which he explicitly described one of the members from Oh My Girl had shared dirty jokes with him. He did not mention Seunghee's name but highlighted the name of one of her ex-boyfriends. The content and the cover picture clearly indicated that he was pointing his finger at her.