Oh In Hye Death: Fans Spot Two Weird Factors in Actress' Last YouTube Video

Oh In Hye released her last video on her YouTube channel on September 12, just two days before her death.

South Korean actress On In Hye died on the night of September 14 in a hospital in Incheon. The police are suspecting it to be a suicide attempt and had revealed that the actress had no pulse when paramedics arrived at her house on the request of one of her friends. After the death of the actress, fans watched the last YouTube video released by the actress and they found two weird factors in it.

Oh Hye In ran a channel on YouTube titled Oh-Hye. She joined the YouTube streaming on July 8, 2019 and amassed 14,000 subscribers. She released her last video on September 12, just two days before she was pronounced dead. But unlike her earlier videos that were technically as well as content wise streamed without any problems her last video was problematic.

On In Hye
Actress Oh In Hye in her last YouTube video. YouTube screengrab

Video Buffers for One Minute

The video is about fashion and make-up tips from the actress. The video starts well and Oh In Hye is seen in a good mood. But at 44 seconds she starts combing her hair and when the video reaches 48 seconds the video starts buffering with her voice intact. It buffers for one minute and video starts playing properly from 1.48 seconds.

It is said that the actress is known to edit her videos herself. So, even if there was a glitch, it could have been could have been set right. It was not usual to leave the video to buffer for too long. However, the actress even renamed the video as "Inhye's Night Routine Skin Care (Please skip over the buffering part)." This shows that she was aware of the buffering problem but decided to leave it at that.

Here is the last video streamed by Oh In Hye:

Missing Train of Thoughts?

Another factor noted by fans is that the series of the video was numbered 48. But in fact this was her 46th video on YouTube. While looking at the previous videos, the actress has not made any mistakes with numbering of the videos. Fans claim that this is strange of the actress to overlook these mistakes as she is known to have released videos without any glitches and mistakes before.

However, after 48 hours on September 14, the actress was found at her house in a state of cardiac arrest by one of her friends at 5 a.m. KST. She was rushed to the hospital following CPR by paramedics but she failed to regain consciousness and was declared dead in the hospital. The funeral will take place at the Inha University Hospital in Incheon on September 16.

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