Ochur-Suge Mongush: Russian Soldier Who Castrated Ukrainian Captive Identified; Akhamat Battalion's Fighter Was Interrogated By Putin's FSB

The Russian soldier who castrated the Ukrainian Prisoner of War has now been identified. The soldier has been named by Russian journalists as Ochur-Suge Mongush, a fighter of the Akhamat Battalion.

The "sadistic cowboy" was identified by the Insider and Bellingcat with the help of face search sites. The site search4faces found an Odnoklassniki profile of a person named Ochur-Suge Mongush, but it displayed an insufficient level of reliability - 55%.

Ochur-Suge Mongush
Ochur-Suge Mongush Twitter

Ochur-Suge Mongush Is A Mercenary Of Akhmat Unit

The investigative websites used Findclone, a source that searches for faces on VKontakte, where the outlets identified Zhenya Zibrov, a fighter of the Akhamat unit.

The outlets explored contacts of Zibrov, where they found a group of Akhmat mercenaries in Chechnya.

Ochur-Suge Mongush
Ochur-Suge Mongush Twitter

In the center of this photo is a man (wearing a cap) who looks very much like the "sadistic cowboy"; after searching for this face on FindClone the VK profile of Ochur-Suge Mongush popped up again, but this time with a much higher degree of reliability - 73%, according to Insiders.

Mongush Was Filmed While Castrating Ukrainian Captive

Mongush was filmed while castrating the Ukrainian captive. The incident drew criticism and sparked outrage in Ukraine.

Footage shows a Russian soldier brutally torturing a Ukrainian prisoner of war. In the video, the Russian soldier is seen using a clerical knife to castrate the Ukrainian prisoner of war, who is bound and wears the fatigues of a Ukrainian soldier.

Mongush Shot The Victim And Dragged Him To The Ground

Mongush was pinning the victim down and shouting degrading insults at the victim.

Then, reports claimed Mongush shot the victim and dragged him to the ground while the victim was tied with ropes on his feet. Some reports have claimed that the Ukrainian soldier was tortured by Vitaly Aroshanov, a fighter from the "Akhmat" unit.

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