Andrei Shiplyuk: Russia's Top Hypersonic Missile Scientist Arrested In Moscow For Handing Secrets to Foreign Nations

Russia arrested its top hypersonic missile scientist over suspicion of high treason. Dr Alexander Shiplyuk, director of the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Siberian Branch, was taken to Moscow's Lefortovo detention center on Friday.

Authorities in Russia suspect that Shiplyuk could have handed missile-related secrets to foreign nations.

Alexander Shiplyuk
Alexander Shiplyuk Twitter

Shiplyuk Was Leading Investigative Activities

Certain strategic investigative activities were being held in the institute under the guidance of Shiplyuk, who is an acclaimed Russian scientist and a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Shiplyuk specializes in high-speed aero gas dynamics and experimental research of gas flows. Key areas of his research interest include experimental aerothermal dynamics of hypersonic aircraft with straight jet engines.

Shiplyuk's Office Was Searched In June

On June 27, the institute's chief research fellow Anatoly Maslov was arrested on high treason and was taken to Moscow's Lefortovo detention center.

A source close to the investigation told TASS that the man is suspected of sharing classified information linked with hypersonic research. His case is being probed into by Russia's Federal Security Service.

Shiplyuk is quoted online discussing coating for hypersonic missiles and how science can be used to help update the Russian military in a project called Army-2020. One online photo showed Mr Shiplyuk posing next to a tank, according to Telegraph.

Shiplyuk's office was also arrested in June after the arrest of Dmitry Kolker, a maths professor and laser specialist. He was arrested in June for supplying state secrets to China. Although, he died two days after being shifted to Lefortovo.

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the Russian Navy will be supplied with a new hypersonic Zircon missile, the hypersonic anti-aircraft weapon is believed to be unstoppable. He also announced that the new nuclear missile Satan-2 will also be given to the Russian forces. Satan-2 is armed with 14 warheads and is termed the most dangerous weapon in the world.

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