NYPD Cops Caught Smoking Hookah on Duty; Request Witness to Remove Video Clip

The viral clip shows two female cops taking turns to smoke hookah and blowing out clouds of smoke.

Two NYPD cops were caught smoking 'hookah' while being on duty on the streets of Bronx. The NYPD has ordered an internal inquiry into the matter after the video clip went viral. The NYPD patrol guide prohibits the uniformed cops from smoking in public view. The female cops caught in the video were slammed for their behavior by social media users.

The 10-second-long video clip showed two cops chatting and smoking hookah, placed in the front seat of their patrol car at 48th Precinct in Bronx. The video, which was shot on July 26, was posted by a user on Instagram.

NYPD cops Hookah
NYPD cops caught smoking hookah in Bronx. Twitter

Erring Cops Were Smoking Mint Flavored Hookah

The viral clip shows two female cops taking turns to smoke hookah and blowing out clouds of smoke. The hookah pipe is seen coming out of the rolled down window of the front passenger seat.

Speaking to New York Post, the person who recorded the video said that the duo spent almost 90 minutes in front of an apartment building on Bronx Park South.

The user revealed that he was looking outside the window to check the weather when he spotted the cops taking a hookah break. "I saw them reach for a hookah inside the car. They were smoking the hookah and talking," said the user adding that he smelled mint as the Hookah flavour.

Five hours after the video was posted online and went viral, the cops arrived at the witness's home and requested him to take down the video clip. "'Can you please delete the video? I could lose my job. This could be an ongoing investigation," one of the officers on eth video pleaded the user. Describing the cops as 'rookies', the man told the outlet, "They looked scared. They looked nervous. They knew they were in the wrong."

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control has detailed hookah as a potential source of spread. Infections may be passed to other smokers by sharing a hookah, stated the CDC website.

Outrage Over 'Hookah' Smoking Cops

The clip has garnered widespread response from the public and netizens. Speaking to the outlet, Maria Haberfield, a professor at John Jay College and an expert on policing, said: "They should be fired. You're not even supposed to smoke regular cigarettes when you're in uniform. I'm not surprised by anything anymore because there's no leadership within the department."

Calling the two cops 'idiots' a police source said: "Takes one to mess it up for the rest of us. Punishment will be more severe for the next guy."

"Cute cops do drugs on duty but use chemical gas on us "Terrorists" who only have phones and signs when they are armed with guns and chemical weapons... can't wait for nation wide Chris Dorners," wrote a user on Twitter.

"Nahhh why NYPD smoking #hookah out the cop car? New Yorkers need to request their tax dollars back. What flavor you think they smoking?" wrote another user.

"Aren't these the coolest cops ever? I don't see the problem. They can't do their job... let them smoke. It's very stressful out there. #Libertarian #smokeemifyougotem," tweeted a user.