NY Man Boasts About Storming the US Capitol on Dating App, Woman Alerts FBI After They're Not a Match

The FBI arrested Robert Chapman on Thursday after body camera footage and his social media activity confirmed his involvement in the Jan. 6. storming of the U.S. Capitol.

A New York man was arrested for his involvement in the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, after he boasted about it on dating app Bumble.

Robert Chapman, from Carmel, New York, was taken into custody on Thursday by the FBI in connection with the storming of the federal building by Trump supporters in Washington, D.C., and charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct on restricted government property.

'I Did Storm the Capitol'

The FBI was alerted after he told a woman he had matched with on Bumble that "I did storm the capitol" and that he "made it all the way to the Statuary Hall," according to court documents. The woman he was texting replied by saying "We are not a match" before turning him over to the FBI.

Robert Chapman
Robert Chapman (left) and the screenshot of the Bumble conversation that took place between him and the woman. Twitter

Social Media Posts, Body Camera Footage of Chapman Inside the Capitol

In addition to the Bumble conversation, the FBI was also informed of a Facebook post in which another person shared a photo of Chapman seemingly inside the Capitol.

"My Dear friend and Brostar Robert made it in the Capitol building at the protest yesterday ....Woo Hooooooooo,!!!!" the post was captioned.

After drawing criticism in the comments section, a man with the username "Robert Erick," replied by commenting, "these are your peers? colleagues? they are a bunch of little b*tch trolls. keyboard warriors who don't do a f*cking thing," according to court documents.

In other posts from the before and on the day of the siege on the Capitol, Chapman posted on his Facebook profile that he was leaving New York City, "the rotten apple. Gonna go down to the District of Criminality to to Enjoy some much deserved entertainment." The following day, he posted that he was "INSIDE THE CRAPITOL!!!," along with photos of himself inside the building.

Robert Chapman
Robert Chapman Twitter

Body camera footage from the Metropolitan Police Department also confirmed Chapman's presence inside the Statuary Hall of the federal building.

Robert Chapman
Robert Chapman in the body camera footage provided by the Metropolitan Police Department.

Chapman appeared via teleconference in federal court in White Plains Thursday afternoon. He was ordered released on his own recognizance, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York said.

Women 'Catfished' Rioters on Dating Apps

As previously reported, in the wake of the attack on the Capitol, some liberal women decided to take it upon themselves to help the authorities out and track down some of the rioters by sending them intel obtained from dating apps.

These women changed their political preferences on Bumble from Liberal to Conservative to match with Trump supporters. They then pretended to be intrigued by the Capitol riots in the hopes of getting rioters to send them videos and photos of them partaking in the violent events of Jan. 6. The women then hand over this information to the FBI.