Women Are Luring Capitol Rioters into Sending Photos, Videos of Them on Dating Apps For the FBI

Women in D.C. are matching with Trump supporters on dating apps and then asking them to send them photos and videos from the Capitol insurrection before reporting them to the FBI.

In the wake of the attack on the U.S. Capitol by hundreds of Trump supporters on Jan. 6, the FBI has carried out several arrests using footage from the riots in Washington, D.C., and some of the credit goes to the general public that has helped in identifying the miscreants.

Many of the rioters willingly - and quite happily – posed for photos and videos inside the federal building during the invasion before boasting about their exploits on social media. The FBI called for "tips and digital media depicting rioting and violence in the U.S. Capitol Building and surrounding area in Washington, D.C," in an attempt to arrest many of the rioters that may have been photographed inside the Capitol.

Liberal Women Are Matching with Capitol Rioters on Dating Apps

Bumble catfishing

Some liberal women decided to take it upon themselves to help the authorities out and track down some of the rioters by sending them intel obtained from dating apps.

Women in D.C. are reportedly changing their political preferences on Bumble from Liberal to Conservative to match with Trump supporters. They then pretend to be intrigued by the Capitol riots in the hopes of getting rioters to send them videos and photos of them partaking in the violent events from last week. The women then hand over this information to the FBI.

On January 7, the day after the riot, Foreign Policy for America NextGen Initiative Co-Chair Alia Awadallah noticed an uptick of MAGA-lovers on dating apps.

After Awadallah pointed out that there were several men on dating apps in D.C. who were in the district for the insurrection attempt, Immigration attorney Allison Norris replied saying that a common friend was tricking them into sending footage from the riots so she could tip-off the FBI.

The tweet instantly went viral and inspired by the woman's idea, others followed suit. Women in D.C. started using their dating apps to find the Capitol rioters and help report their acts of domestic terrorism, which carries an addition incentive of a $50,000 reward for information leading to an individual's arrest.

Bumble Removed the Political Filter to Avoid 'Misuse'

After multiple women tweeted about catfishing MAGA supporters, Bumble disabled their political affiliation filter, citing people were "misusing" it. However, even without this feature, women can still expose insurrectionists on dating apps as they can be identified by their MAGA apparel, photos and location tags, like 26-year-old Alex below: