Nurse Wears Transparent Gown Showing off Her Lingerie At Coronavirus Ward

An unnamed female nurse in her 20s reportedly violated her uniform code by wearing a completely transparent PPE that showed her lingerie underneath the protective gown at an all-male coronavirus ward in Russia. Her revealing picture, which clearly shows her wearing a sports bra and underwear, went viral on social media after a patient shared it with his friends from a hospital in Tula, 100 miles south of Moscow, and joked that there were ''no complaints'' from other patients too.

However, the hospital authorities found it out of line and punished her for ''non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing.'' During an internal investigation at the hospital, the nurse told the authorities at the Tula Regional Clinical Hospital that she did not realize the PPE she wore when treating coronavirus patients was so transparent. She added that she already looks ''too hot wearing her nurses uniform under the gown.''

Nurse Wears Transparent Gown In Coronavirus Ward
Twitter / Tulskie Novosti

Disciplinary Action

The authorities rejected the nurse's explanation that she had no idea that the gown was transparent and the Regional Health Ministry reported that ''a disciplinary sanction was applied to the nurse of the infectious diseases department who violated (uniform) requirements''. Officials first said in their report that the woman was wearing ''lingerie'' but later changed it to ''swimming suit'' beneath the gown.

The exact details of the disciplinary action against her have not been revealed and the nurse has not spoken publicly about the matter nor taken it to social media.

Social Media Users Applaud The Nurse

As soon as the news went viral, social media went into a tizzy saying the authorities should not take action against her, instead applaud her. ''At least someone has a sense of humour in this gloomy, gloomy reality,'' said Sergey Ratnikov. Another user named Albert Kuzminov said: ''Why the reprimand?''

A woman named Marina Astakhova posted: ''Well done, she raised the mood of the patients,'' while Valery Kapnin wrote: ''Why punish the nurse, you need to reward her. 'Seeing this outfit, no-one wants to die.''

Another user claimed that the nurse wore the transparent gown as she couldn't bear the heat and blamed it on the hospital for not taking good care of their own staff. ''Everyone shouted at her, but no one paid attention that she was dressed in this way because of the heat. Maybe you need to yell at the management because there is no normal air conditioning.''