World's Hottest Grandmom Gina Stewart Reveals The Weird DMs She Receives From Fans

Gina Stewart, who earned the title '' the world's hottest grandma'' for being a mother-of-four and grandmother-of-one, became an online sensation overnight, all thanks to her racy Instagram pictures sporting bikinis, being topless and sharing pulse-raising lingerie selfies that have attracted thousands of likes and comments. The "hottest grandma" also made it to Maxim's hot 100 models list and her fame is only growing by the day.

The 49-year-old blonde buxom opened up about the raunchy and weird DMs she has received and stated that the majority of them want her to be their ''sugar baby.'' A sugar baby is a person who receives cash, gifts or other financial and material benefits in exchange for company. She stated that several men and also women have sent her DMs offering thousands of pounds and an all-expenses paid holiday just to see her in person and spend time with her.

Gina Stewart
Instagram grab/ Gina Stewart Official

Woman Offers to Send a Private Jet

Stewart, who lives on the Gold Coast of Australia, revealed that a woman offered to send a private jet so she can meet her in Washington DC. Several rich men from Dubai offered to buy her flight tickets so she can visit the desert nation."I have been offered thousands in weekly pay to be a sugar baby. I've had an American actor offer to fly me out to California. I had a woman offering to send a private jet to fly me out to Washington DC. Another fan offered to pay for me to go on a Caribbean cruise and I have had a lot of requests to go to Dubai," she told the Daily Star UK.

Gina Refuses

Stewart, who currently boasts 214,000 followers on Instagram, revealed that she turned down every single offer asking her to be a "sugar baby" as she already makes a fortune through her OnlyFans account. Right after the coronavirus lockdown was announced, her account picked up steam and is now one among the top 1 per cent content creators on the website.

''Immediately since March my fans swarmed to my OnlyFans page and loved it. OnlyFans is extremely lucrative. I'm now in the top 1 per cent of creators worldwide, so I make thousands each week."

When asked about the secret behind this, she stated that her account is all about teasing and she doesn't give out every other piece of information. "I think I am successful because my page is a huge tease unlike others who give a lot away for free and show everything they had for breakfast."