Blonde Bombshell Rianna Carpenter to Star in New Reality Television Show With 4 Other Models

Rianna Carpenter Is all set to Open a New Chapter in Her Life

The buxom blonde beauty, Rianna Carpenter lovingly known as 'Combat Barbie' for previously serving in the U.S Marine Corps, announced that she's all set to star in a brand new reality television show and would share screen space with other stunning blonde women. The show named Blondestourage would begin filming June onwards in a mansion in Las Vegas and the glam doll revealed that the shoot and post-production might take a year to complete.

She took to Facebook announcing the reality television show ''Huge announcement! I'm very honored to announce that I have been hand-selected to be part of a brand new reality T.V. show called "BLONDESTOURAGE!" Starting June 1st, I'm moving into a mansion in Las Vegan with 4 other blonde Instagram model to film this reality T.V show for a year!!!!!!''.

It's the Wildest Reality Television Show

Rianna revealed that the reality television show is not like any other and would be the wildest and iconic show featured on the small screen ever. She said that though the show would release only next year, the behind-the-scenes filming and all situations and scenarios will be shown live on Facebook along with several clips and pictures on a daily basis.

People can expect glam, oomph, and hotness with all the models under one mansion in Las Vegas. The other 4 blonde women who would be a part of the show are Tahlia Paris, Linny Maees, Jay Wittie, and Alex Kaye. The show will be shot by Macro M from 50 mmm studios.

Rianna Thanks Her Fans for the Support

The sizzling blonde beauty thanked all her supporters for showering their love and making her achieve new milestones from modeling to bracing the cover pages of the magazine and now a reality T.V show. She urged all her fans to stick around for a year or more as she's all set to entertain them like the likes they've never seen or heard before.

Rianna, has an envious 663,861 followers on Instagram and when her reality show hits the television screens across America next year, the numbers are going to spike up and the beauty will end up being a household name across the U.S as her sheer talent and hard work will bear fruits and she might enter the mainstream lifestyle across the country.

This article was first published on May 20, 2020