Nth Room sex scandal: Another identity made public, minor Kang Hoon was Jo Joo Bin's right hand man

Kang Hoon's face will be made public tomorrow, on April 17, when he will be handed over to the prosecution

As the probe is revealing murkier details about the Nth room sex scandal, the police have decided to make the identity of main accused Jo Joo Bin's right-hand man public. The police revealed that 18-year-old Kang Hoon was working as Baksa aka Jo Joo Bin's confidant and close associate.

The committee formed for the case held a discussion at length before revealing the name to the public. This is the first time in the history of Korea where the name of an accused who is a minor is being revealed to the public and media.

The discussion was that if revealing the identity of a minor leads to human rights violation. Reports claimed that after much deliberation the police came to the conclusion that the public had the right to know who was involved in such a heinous crime, irrespective of the age of the person involved.

Kang Hoon's face will be revealed

Baksa Jo Joo Bin Telegram Nth Roomsuspect
Baksa aka Jo Joo Bin, Telegram Nth Room scandal main accused

Currently, only the name of the minor has been revealed. But the police has also decided to make his face public, when he will be handed over to the prosecution tomorrow (April 17). Kang Hoon's face will be revealed to the media. The final decision also aimed at preventing repeat offences. Kang Hoon was running the Nth Room with the name "Butta". He is said to have been managing money matters including profits from various chatrooms (including Goddam and Pacific Ocean Expedition etc).

The operators did avoid dealing with cash and made users pay through cryptocurrency in the form of Bitcoin, Monero, and Ethereum. Apart from ₩130 million KRW ($105,900 USD) that was seized from Cho Joo Bin's house, the exact amount of money obtained by the entire operations of Nth Room is not known yet.

But it is said that Kang Hoon also recruited people to the Nth Room along with Jo Joo Bin. On April 17, Kang Hoon will be sent to the Jongno Police Station after he is handed over to the prosecution. Earlier another man called "Watchman" was handed over to the prosecution, but his identity was not revealed. He had made an appeal requesting not to involve is family and friends in the matter as they are being humiliated and insulted for the crimes he has committed.

Another operator known as "Pacific Ocean" is also said to be minor and was operating the chatroom Pacific Ocean Expedition. Even his identity has not been made public yet. So far the identity of only Baksa aka Jo Joo Bin, who is the main accused in the Telegram Nth Room sex scandal, has been made public.