Baksa sent creepy message to SBS reporters; victim reveals what happened inside 'Telegram Nth Room'

A victim who was a middle school student when she was tricked by Baksa and forced to do at least 40 videos involving sexual harassment opened up about the horrors she had to face

Interrogation of Baksa, main suspect in the Telegram Nth Room scandal, had led victims coming out and speaking about the horrible experience they faced. Baksa or Jo Joo Bin's true face got being revealed as the probe is progressing and the information that he had sent creepy message to SBS reporters against publishing anything about him on the channel, is out now.

According to reports, 25-year-old Baksa, on January 17 this year had said that he would shoot a person boldly if there are other profits to make as well. It is said that he had sent a message, "If anything relating Baksa goes on air on SBS, one woman will jump to death or set herself on fire and die. No matter what is the means of accident is, I have notified you about it and captured it as a proof."

Victim revealed her experience

Jo Joo Bin Nth Room scandal suspect
Jo Joo Bin aka Baksa SBS video screengrab

Jo Joo Bin is also known as Cho Joo Bin aka Baksa that means doctor. SBS is said to have not aired the content as the details were too disturbing and horrific. Meanwhile one of the victims of Nth Room, came out on CBS radio's News Show of Kim Hyun Jung and explained her story of horror. In the 13-minute long interview, the angry victim gave inside details of what happened inside the Nth Room.

According to latest information, the Nth Room where the videos were uploaded was called the Doctor's room operated by Baksa. The user could enter only after paying a minimum of 250,000 KRW ($199.07) and maximum amount charged to watch videos was 1,550,000 million KRW ($1,234.20). Of the 74 women who are identified as victims of Telegram Nth Room scandal, a woman who was a minor when exploited by Baksa recounts her story.

She was from a poor background

This victim, a middle school student was from an economically poor background and did not have sufficient money for personal living expenses. After surfing a lot, she found an app that posted a part-time sponsor job. When she wrote back to the same ID, she received a reply "Hello, I am looking for a part-timer for a sponsor job, I am offering 4,000,000 a month. If you are interested, contact me."

The victim agreed to the same and ended up giving all her personal information to them as asked. Once she accepted the offer, she was asked to move to Telegram app. The next question was about her bank account details and he made her believe by sending a photo of his stocks and a picture of the money being deposited into her account.

Victim believed Baksa

She said that with this much 'proof' she did believe him. Surprisingly, moments later, she was sent a new cell phone. Instead of having doubts, she trusted him and gave him her phone number and address.

Then, the actual demand started. Firstly, he asked for her photo (nude), by telling, I just gave you a gift can't you please even not do this. After this, she was asked to play with herself, rip her stockings, to insert a thick name pen into her private part. When she told that she was bleeding and couldn't do it, he forced her to do and complete the task.

The victim said that she was scared to disobey him as he already knew her by face, personal information and also her video. She said that she was forced to shoot at least 40 videos. She revealed that a 10-year-old girl was also caught up in the hell and she was sent ₩50,000 KRW gift coupon for sharing the picture of her nude body.

She wants Baksa to rot in prison

She changed her phone number and even moved on. The victim even said that it is likely that there are more than 74 victims. There are more minors than elders involved in this. The Nth Room operators mainly targeted students or minors, she said.

She mentioned that she hasn't been able to sleep since then and it had scarred her. In fact, she was also suffering from depression and bipolar disorder. She was scared t step out of the house as she thought she would be stalked and started covering up even in summer. She was constantly scared that someone who saw her video on porn site would threaten her. She said, "Even though I'm working, I still think I will be caught."

"Even in my dreams I would think about it. I'm very scared thinking about what would happen if the video gets leaked, and I end up with thousands of messages on my SNS," she said. Her wish is that Baksa should rot in prison for the rest of his life. There is no guarantee that he will reflect on his actions if he gets out, she said.