Nova Jewels: OnlyFans Model Strips in Public to Go Fully Nude For Racy Snaps Online

OnlyFans model Nova Jewels leaves onlookers' eyes popping after she ditches clothes to go fully nude for racy snaps

OnlyFans model Nova Jewels has taken onlookers by surprise after the daring diva ditched her clothes to go fully nude in public for capturing racy snaps for her official account on the popular X-rated site. Jewels, who is known for posting X-rated pictures on the risque online platform often makes heads turn with her exclusive OnlyFans content that leaves little to the imagination of her fans.

According to an exclusive Daily Star interview, the stripper from Scotland has opened up about her life as a cam girl and an X-rated model for OnlyFans. During her chat with the Daily Star, Jewels expressed how she feels stripping off in the wild and also spoke about her encounter with one naughty fisherman while she was stripping to shoot her saucy stunt.

Jewels, 26, who has for the first time decided to take her content away from the toilet and dared to naked in public to capture some sultry content said, "The day I started OnlyFans was the day I realised that there isn't one single person out there who has an opinion that matters to me. I think this really was the point when my confidence shot through the roof."

Nova Jewels
Nova Jewels Instagram page

The model explained that she was bored of clicking photos in her bedroom and hence decided to take to the outdoors and make her content creation more exciting and adventurous. "I try to be as discreet as possible about it of course," Jewels added.

While Jewels had been very secretive about her during the buff nature shoot, she often finds herself with an audience from time to time.

"I go to locations that are beautiful and also quiet, however... that's not to say that I am completely alone. I have had a few spectators once or twice who thoroughly enjoyed the show," she said.

Talking about the naughty fisherman, Jewels said that once she and her photographer were about to take pictures at a waterfall in Scotland when they noticed a fisherman fishing.

She said, "He had heard us talking and saw the camera equipment and made it quite clear that he would happily sit and spectate while we got on with the shoot. He said it would make his fishing trip much more enjoyable."

"We decided to just take some casual content instead. I kept on my thong, my jumper and my hiking boots while I posed on the edge of a rock, overhanging the stream," the model added, as per the Daily Star report.

Nova Jewels OnlyFans
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