Scotland Government Plans to Put Tampons in Male Toilets, Twitterati Mock the 'Woke' Rule

Social media reacted to the Scottish government's plans to put tampons in male toilets.

The Scottish government left Social Media talking after revealing plans to put tampons in male toilets. Sanitary towels and tampons are to be put in male toilets in case they are required by transgender civil servants. Officials, in a 209-page submission to LGBT charity Stonewall also noted that female hygiene items would be placed in men's lavatories "close to meeting/conference rooms and/or main entrances to premises." Social media sleuths mocked the Scotland government's decision and called it 'bonkers.'

According to the Daily Telegraph, Nicola Sturgeon's government said it was "providing sanitary bins and a varied selection of sanitary products in those premises where gender-neutral facilities do not exist." The submission further stated that the civil servants now have the provision to use the title 'Mx' on the government's computer systems and staff directory, instead of 'Mr, Mrs, or Ms.'

The new policy comes a month after the Scottish civil service, under pressure from Stonewall, agreed to delete the word 'mother' from its maternity leave policy. The organization has put in requests with ministers to remove 'gendered' words from official policies to become more LGBT-friendly. The government scrapped the word "mother' from its maternity policy, and replaced a passage including the term with "you must be the spouse or partner (including same-sex partner) or the pregnant woman."

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WEI ranking

According to documents released under Freedom of Information laws, the changes are made in a bid to improve the Scottish government's Workplace Equality Index (WEI) rating, which fell to 127 in 2020, from 72 in 2019. The submission on sanitary products, obtained by the Telegraph showed how the Scottish government introduced a policy in July which made clear "some transgender men" and non-binary people, who do not identify as male or female, "may also experience menopause."

'Lunatics in charge of Scotland'

People reacted to the Scotland government's new policy of putting tampons in male toilets and dubbed it "bonkers". "Scotland has gone full bonkers, full wokeism rules," one person tweeted. Some people also termed it a political move "using Scotland as a test to see how far left-wing radicalism will be tolerated in UK."