Not just Nostradamus, did pop singer Madonna also predict the Coronavirus outbreak? 

A 16th-century Hindu seer had apparently predicted that a pandemic outbreak will originate in China in 2020

As coronavirus is continuing its killing spree, with the death toll rising to 13,000, a section of netizens has now started claiming that pop singer Madonna had predicted the coronavirus outbreak months ago.

Online users started spreading these bizarre claims after watching Madonna's performance of the song Future at the 2019 Eurovision song contest in Israel.

Madonna's performance intended to warn the world?

Madonna performs during her Rebel Heart Tour
Madonna performs during her Rebel Heart Tour concert at Studio City in Macau, China February 20, 2016.

Interestingly, in the video, Madonna can be seen wearing an eye patch, while other dancers were seen wearing gas masks. Now, many people believe that the usage of gas masks in the video is a clear indication that the pop singer was apparently trying to warn the people about the deadly COVID-19 outbreak.

The choreography of the song too seems dark, and literally reminded the viewers of some satanic ritual that was being conducted in front of thousands of people by Madonna. "Not everyone is coming to the future. And they are wearing masks. And she is wearing a crown. Crown in greek is the corona. I see it now," commented Vagg G, a YouTube user.

"Can't believe what she just did, a blatant satanic ritual in front of everyone, and the words o.m.g, the only right thing she said was waking up, and we do need to wake up, to what these sick bastards are doing to us," commented Michael Killigrew, another YouTuber.

Predictions of Nostradamus and Hindu saint

A few days back, several netizens have claimed that Nostradamus, the 16th-century French seer had predicted the Coronavirus outbreak. These people believe that Nostradamus, in one of his quatrains, had predicted about a pandemic outbreak that will happen in a maritime city in 2020.

In the meantime, a section of other people believes that a Hindu saint named Veera Brahmendra Swamy had also predicted the coronavirus outbreak.

"Poisonous gas will emerge in the East. Lakhs of people will die. Coranki disease hits one crore people. Just like fumbling chicken, they will fall and die," wrote Brahmendra Swamy in Kaala Gnanam, his book of predictions.

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