North Carolina Health Department Employee Accused of Impersonating Doctor, Sexually Assaulting 7 Women Under the Pretext of Medical Examinations

Daniel Pitti-Casazola
Daniel Pitti-Casazola Twitter

An interpreter for the North Carolina health department allegedly impersonated a doctor to sexually assault at least seven women during bogus home exams, police said.

The criminal case against Daniel Pitti-Casazola started in July after a woman told police she received an illegitimate medical exam in her home, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) said during a press conference Friday.

Pitti-Casazola Targeted Hispanic Women Who Didn't Speak English

Since then, at least six more women have come forward with similar accusations against Pitti-Casazola that spanned four months between February and July, and police believe there could be more victims.

Pitti-Casazola was suspended after the first accusations came to light. He allegedly targeted Hispanic women who didn't speak English, according to police. The survivors' ages ranged from 19 to 32.

Pitti-Casazola allegedly made contact with the victims, set up what they believed were legitimate home medical exams, sexually assaulted them and left, according to law enforcement. Police emphasized that none of the sexual incidents were rape but "involved other forms of inappropriate sexual contact."

Victims Were All Part of State-Run Health Camp

His alleged victims were all part of a special state-run health program for them and their young children. "They believed they were being helped, but instead they were violated in their own homes," CMPD Lt. James Ivie said. "We still strongly believe that there are other victims out there.

The alleged assaults, which stretched from one end of Charlotte to the other, allegedly took place Feb. 17, March 29, June 7, June 9, June 13 and July 17. Pitti-Casazola was originally arrested July 18 and is being held in jail on $150,000 bond.