Doctor Who Masturbated Next to Sleeping Patients Pressing Up Against Their Bodies Sentenced to Jail

The doctor moved from Iran to Australia in 2011 and now he will not be allowed to practice medicine in the country

A corrupt doctor who masturbated next to unconscious female patients at a sleep clinic has been jailed. Dr. Ali Khorami's, victims, one of whom was 16 years old, were all groped by the doctor while they were sleeping at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research in Sydney in July and August 2018.

While overseeing the overnight studies, the 50-year-old man placed his penis in the hands and feet of the women, touched their groins, and masturbated as he pressed up against their bodies. He also spiked one of the patient's orange juice with temazepam for making sure that she will not wake up during the attack.

Doctor Sentenced for Sexual Assualt

Ali Khorami
Ali Khorami Twitter Grab/7NEWS Sydney

Khorami turned off the cameras recording the sleep studies so he can carry out the assault. But he was not that much careful and was eventually captured on the security footage of the clinic masturbating over a patient. After getting caught and being questioned about the attacks, he claimed to have been engaging in a type of 'tantric healing' to which he mentioned the women had given consent.

In July, Khorami got convicted of 22 out of the 25 charges against him, which included 19 aggravated indecent assault, two of aggravated indecency, and one of drugging a woman for committing an indictable offense.

On Friday, he got sentenced to six years in prison along with a non-parole period of three years and nine months. The judge Leonie Flannery stated that the doctor had abused his victims during a time where they were vulnerable, which left them traumatized. "It is troubling that he continues to maintain that he was engaging in legitimate medical practice ... and that his victims were consenting," she stated.

Last month of the victims told the court that her world 'imploded' after she was assaulted by Khorami. "At no point did you take responsibility for your actions," she told Khorami as reported by the Daily Star. "No woman deserves to go through what you have subjected us to. You've lost everything. For some time I lost everything too. But now I have everything because I'm free. These events will follow you around forever like a dark shadow," she added.

The doctor moved from Iran to Australia in 2011 and he is now never going to get permission to practice medicine in the country again. He is going to be eligible for parole in June 2024. The Woolcock Institute stated that it has taken certain steps that included improving safety measures for the sleep study participants, including independent surveillance and having two to three technicians keeping track of what is happening in the rooms all the time.