Nintendo Switch Pro coming in 2020; will be missing an important feature

According to rumours, the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro is slated to arrive this holiday season, however, it may not support a 4K resolution

As Microsoft and Sony both launching next-gen consoles this holiday season with the Xbox Series X and PS5, it seems like Nintendo doesn't want to be left behind. A brand new Nintendo Switch Pro is rumoured to arrive sometime around Christmas this year, but new reports suggest it might be lacking a key feature.

Nintendo trying to keep up with competition

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The Nintendo Switch console arrived in March 2017, which means it has almost been three years since its release. The console has already received an upgrade with improved battery performance, and a portable-only Nintendo Switch Lite edition in September last year. As the next-generation wave rolls in with the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, Nintendo is also facing immense pressure to update its console to keep up with the competition.

The Switch is already the most technically inferior device when you compare it to Sony and Microsoft's offerings, and that difference is only going to widen further with the arrival of the new consoles.

Nintendo Switch Pro missing key feature

nintendo switch

If and when the Nintendo Switch Pro debuts towards the end of this year, there are reports claiming that it will not support 4K resolution, an important feature in the modern age. According to Metro, a Korean source revealed that the Nintendo Switch Pro will opt for a custom processor designed in partnership with Nvidia instead of Nvidia's Tegra X1 (or a newer processor). The custom processor will not only fail to boost the console's graphics performance but also will not support 4K.

Fans are waiting for a significant upgrade to the Nintendo Switch console but it looks like they may not get what they're expecting. The report adds that the design phase of the processor isn't even entirely finished at this point, suggesting that Nintendo will struggle to have the console ready by the end of 2020.

Nintendo hasn't officially announced a Switch Pro console yet but that hasn't stopped the rumour mill from churning out reports. Nintendo consoles are known for being more affordable and graphically weaker than Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The system's focus lies on unique design and first-party software so it would be unfair to expect Nintendo to diverge from its approach, especially after the success of the Switch.