Nintendo Switch: Best deals at GameStop, Amazon, Walmart and more

Most of them, however, are available in bundles which can be a bit pricey.

The regular Nintendo Switch console at US$299 may be difficult to find in stores, online shops give buyers alternative options. Most of them, however, are available in bundles which can be a bit pricey.

If you are keen on packaged deals, here are the online shops currently selling the Nintendo Switch in bundles. Check out the best deals at GameStop, Amazon and Walmart below.


GameStop has restocked Nintendo Switch since Sunday. The Nintendo Switch Gray Joy-Con Minecraft Fan Bundle is the cheapest deal for now starting at US$399 which will be shipped on 21 September. The Nintendo Switch Neon Joy-Con Adventure Bundle can be shipped immediately within 24 hours for US$459.99.

You can tune in to GameStop's Switch section via this link here to look after the US$299 deal, which is currently not available.


On Amazon, four different huge bundles are currently available. If you are looking for a packaged bundle, the best deal currently is priced US$684.84 which has seven items in it, including the Neon Red and Blue Joy-Con, 128-gigabyte microSD, yellow Joy-Con wireless controllers, Arms games disc, USB-C cable and HDMI cable wall charger.

A similar bundle with Splatoon 2 instead of Arms costs US$686.84 and the other bundle with Mario Kart 8 costs US$759.99. If you are looking for Nintendo Switch alone, you can order it with Grey Joy-Con for US$375.50, which is quite expensive.

Nintendo Game Store

Of course, Nintendo Game Store still offers the cheapest at US$299. However, you have to note that you will have to shoulder the shipping cost. Choose your Switch, Joy-Con options and accessories here.


Walmart's online shop has also restocked the Nintendo Switch Neon Blue and Red Joy-Con. Walmart's best deal is available for US$384 with free shipping.

Other stores

Nintendo Switch can also be found in other stores. Currently, it is not available on Target, Best Buy and ToysRus.