Ataribox highly expected to shake up game console war

Ataribox highly expected to change the face of the game console world.

Earlier this week, Atari has officially thrown itself into the fray with its new hardware product Ataribox, surprising video game enthusiasts for its promising design. While the New York, New York-based company remains silent about the specifications of the gaming console, the Ataribox has been regarded as a powerful entry highly expected to change the face of the gaming hardware competition.

First Ataribox prototypes have been officially revealed on Tuesday, and both video game fans and experts are quite impressed with the design so far. It took a couple of years before Atari has fully decided to give the gaming hardware another shot after failed ventures in the past that soon led to its bankruptcy.

In the current gaming sphere, strong contenders like Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony Interactive Entertainment's PlayStation 4 have already saturated the industry, securing their respective spots on top. Not to mention, Nintendo's revenge with the entry of the mobile Switch console is quite impossible to downplay as it was raking millions from sales in the launch month of March alone. On one end, Windows PCs claim the biggest chunk of video game players from across the globe. How can Atari take down these staples or even just perform well in this multi-billion dollar market?

Forbes notes there are only two key ingredients for Atari's Ataribox to dominate the gaming console. First, if the price is right. Second, if it "embraces the company's rich gaming heritage".

Specifications wise, Atari chief executive Fred Chesnais previously revealed that the console will be built on PC technology. Hence, fans might be seeing down the road a killer multi-core x86 Intel or Qualcomm processor and an NVIDIA or AMD graphics chip into the bargain. In terms of physical build, video game enthusiasts were all smitten by Ataribox's impeccably designed wood-made console. It is also available in red and black edition.

While details of the Ataribox have not been confirmed yet, fans have to wait for Atari to shed light on the console's specifications. At the end of the day, internal components are what make a gaming console powerful.