Nintendo planning to launch Switch Mini following remarkable performance of the console

It is being argued that not only a new size but the Nintendo Mini will also pack some new hardware specifications

Following the disastrous performance of Wii U, Nintendo was supposed to stop making gaming consoles after the Switch, had it also failed in the market. But that is not even in question right now, as Switch is doing great in the market as indicates the initial sales figure of the product. So much so, that the legendary Japanese manufacturer Nintendo is planning on releasing a Switch Mini and experts are already suggesting that this mini version of Switch might be able to deliver a completely new gaming experience.

It is being argued that not only a new size but the Nintendo Mini will also pack some new hardware specifications, which will enhance its performance dramatically.

According to Citigroup, this is being developed to attract the young gamers, who find it a bit difficult to handle the Switch. Although, it's a handheld device but children might find it difficult to use due to its size and weight, so, Nintendo is aiming to target those mini fans with the new Switch Mini.

The general market sentiment and critical reaction to the Switch has been positive, while early game releases have also received rave reviews, particularly the new Zelda title.

Citigroup analysts suggest that Nintendo would have shipped around 6.7 million Switch Mini units by March 2019 if the hardware was introduced 12 months earlier. This estimate has been done based on the current performance of the larger Switch and figures suggest that Nintendo can begin to steadily become a major player in the console niche once more.

Also, figures are now suggesting that Switch is the most successful console in the history of Nintendo Corporation. As per the company it has become the fastest selling console it has ever produced, outperforming both Wii and Super Nintendo systems.

"The Nintendo Switch system sold more than 906,000 units in March," said to Nintendo. This figure is based on 28 days of potential sale.