super mario

Super Mario Run is making headlines ever since Nintendo announced to foray into the mobile gaming world. It became an instant hit as soon as it got released in mid-December as a mobile game. But unfortunately, it was an exclusive for iOS. Nintendo did explain why the Android users had to wait to get the taste of Mario on their devices – the company was taking time to prevent piracy. Soon after, the gaming company announced that Super Mario Run will make its way into the Google Play Store by March this year and now, at last, we have a final date – March 23.

Earlier on Saturday Nintendo posted a tweet saying the Android version of the Mario game will be launched on March 23.Moreover, it also announced that the users can pre-register in the Google Play Store.

It is likely that Super Mario Run app will be free on the Google Play Store as it is on the iOS. A $9.9 dollar payment is required to unlock the full game on iOS and it is expected to be the same for Android.

Although presently the iPhone app is at version 1.1.2, Nintendo announced that they are working on version 2.0.0 of the app and it will be available soon. The new version will introduce new characters in the game. Also, if players complete one of Bowser's challenges in the free-to-play version of the game, they'll unlock an additional world (1-4) to play for free. So far, the free version of the game lets players play only play till world 3 before requiring the payment. More details about the update will be revealed with time.