Xbox Project Scorpio vs Nintendo Switch: What are you gaming on?

Xbox Project Scorpio is estimated to be ranged between $500 to $600, while Nintendo switch costs $300

After several months of waiting with bated breath, Microsoft has finally unveiled the specifications of its much anticipated Xbox Project Scorpio console recently. With gamers already getting themselves settled with the Nintendo switch, the question that is looming over everyone's minds is 'will Scorpio be good enough to warrant another hefty pocket pinch?' Let's pit the specifications against each other to find out.

The octa-core processor of the forthcoming Microsoft console is clocked at 2.3 GHz almost eclipsing Nintendo Switch's octa-core processor ability to clock a mere 1.02 GHz.

GPU speed of Nintendo stands at 768 MHz which is fairly decent for gameplay but is no match for the Project Scorpio console, which is expected to have 40 compute units clocked at 1,172 Mhz under its hood.

Even when it comes to the memory segment, the Japanese console has just 4 GB of RAM memory while the Xbox Project Scorpio packs in an 8GB RAM memory to do all the heavy duty work for it. The Xbox Project Scorpio has a 326GBPS memory bandwidth that denotes the rate at which data can be read from the memory by the processor, while Nintendo Switch is also falling behind in this department with 25.6GBPS capacity.

Almost all the factors at play point out in the same direction - box Project Scorpio will overshadow Nintendo Switch when it comes to gaming.

But at the same time more than a matter of arm wrestling what is the best out there, it also comes down to what kind of a gamer it is targetted at. While Scorpio does pack some serious technology, Nintendo Switch is more of a nostalgia machine coupled with modern tech and will attract more fanboys rather than a serious no-nonsense gamer community.

Another selling point for the Nintendo Switch is the portability. It can be docked with a television and also removed for portable gaming. But in case of Scorpio, Microsoft doesn't really have any plans to incorporate this feature as of yet.

Although Microsoft has not announced the price of its Xbox Project Scorpio yet, but the early predictions estimate the price to be ranged between $500 to $600, while Nintendo switch costs $300.