Nikole Mitchell: Pastor-Turned-Stripper's New Onlyfans Photo Leaves Nothing to Imagination

Nikole Mitchell, the 36-year-old mother who became an Onlyfans model after living a life full of restrictions, is now earning millions. The pastor-turned stripper who was brought up in a strict Baptist family with strong, stereotypical gender roles, has stunned everyone with her sultry images and videos on the adult content platform.

The mother-of-three has made fans go gaga over her new Instagram picture, which has grabbed millions of eyeballs on the internet. The photo has Nikole flash her assets while she posed naked in her bathroom giving a sexy gaze at the camera lens.

The model, who is also known for her motivational talks on the social media platform, has left fans surprised with her sudden decision to become a stripper. Nikole claims that patriarchy has taught her that she doesn't belong in positions of power. After 33 years of being in the shoes of a pastor, she was determined to change her life. She wanted to live a meaningful life and figure out her worth once and for all.

Taking to her official Instagram account, Nikole wrote: "So much good sh*t is happening in my life! As much as I share publicly, my life is even more magical behind the scenes, and I am so grateful!!! This is how life is meant to be lived! Whereas good as your highlight reel looks on social media, it's even better behind closed doors! This is why I do what I do: To help YOU build a life that feels like a DREAM."

Nikole Mitchell
Nikole Mitchell is a mom of three Instagram

Earlier, in another social media post, Nikole expressed how she felt when she was a pastor. She said: "When you try to convince a star to not shine, you give it a death sentence." Nikole said that she wanted the freedom to be able to express herself fully. In order to take control over her life and lead, Nikole chose to walk away from church life to become a model-cum-stripper.

She said that she had learned to stop giving her power away but instead gave herself a leadership position. Nikole, from a very young age, had fantasized about being a stripper and she has fulfilled her dreams.