Nikole Mitchell Documentary on The Cards? Expect More From Bisexual Stripper on Onlyfans

Ex-pastor Nikole Mitchell is now enjoying her life as an influencer and stripper for erotic website Onlyfans.

Pastor-turned-stripper Nikole Mitchell, who left church life to earn millions per month as life-coach, is soon going to be seen in a documentary that will showcase the Onlyfans model's transition from a church pastor to scandalously becoming a stripper on social media.

The model, in her latest Instagram post, shared that a European film company will soon release a documentary on her later this month. Talking about revealing her story to the world, Nikole said: "This is the second time I've been followed around by a film crew all day! All because I learned how to get my story out into the world."

The model, who grew up in a religious family, now runs an erotic website where she posts hot images of herself as a source of income. The church pastor is seen posting sizzling pictures, which often leave little to the imagination of her fans on Instagram.

The mother of three has proved that even the most unorthodox career change can lead to self-satisfaction. In a recent Instagram post, the model wrote: "I know that might piss some people off, but we've really got to let go of this idea that the only way to make money is hustling and grinding till we're exhausted."

Nikole is happy to earn even while in sleep. What if you could make money while you sleep, she asks. "Would you allow yourself to have that kind of relationship with money?" Well, going nude or stripping in front of the world is not everyone's cup of tea. However, Nikole thinks making a lot of money is more about allowing oneself to receive than trying to take it from someone.

In 2017, the popular bisexual pastor-turned-stripper left the church as she chose to come out about her sexuality. She gave up her life as a pastor at a Baptist church to become popular as an erotic dancer cum stripper breaking all stereotypes. Nikole said that church life and patriarchy taught her that she doesn't belong in positions of power. As a pastor, she had to stay small and serve behind the scenes.

Nikole Mitchell
Nikole Mitchell is a mom of three

After 33 years of her pastoral life, Nikole was ready to change something and figure out her worth once and for all. The born-to-be a stunner often shares naked pictures and steamy videos flaunting her skin on the photo-sharing platform from her Onlyfans account that has grabbed millions of eyeballs.

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