Nikole Mitchell a Billionaire? Pastor Who Became Stripper and Onlyfans Model to Join Jimmy Kimmel?

Nikole Mitchell, a bisexual pastor who swapped church life to become an Onlyfans model, says she's a billionaire now.

Nikole Mitchell, the 36-year-old woman and a mother of three recently amused people with her empowering message on how she transitioned from a pastor to become a billionaire Onlyfans model.

The new modelling sensation, who is known for going naked on social media platforms, has left fans stunned with her strong and bold messages on Instagram lately. Mitchell is winning hearts with her sultry images, which have garnered much attention from her fans on the internet. Recently, the pastor-turned-stripper gushed on being invited to Jimmy Kimmel's Live Talk Show. Taking to her official Instagram account, the model wrote: "Guess who was just asked to be on Jimmy Kimmel again?! This bit*h!"

Mitchell, who was fascinated to become a stripper from a very young age, said that patriarchy taught her that she doesn't belong in positions of power. She chose to live her dreams by abandoning the ways of life as a pastor to embrace the entertainment industry. She is now grabbing eyeballs with her performances on Onlyfans, the adult-content platform. "So much good shit is happening!! I've got a bunch of new followers here (hi!), a bunch of new Only Fans (heyyy), folx applying to work 1:1 with me, plus 2 more interviews!" wrote Nikole on Instagram, out of sheer excitement.

According to her update on the photo-sharing platform, Mitchell likes to share her journey publicly because she wants people to know that they can have such a life too. Gushing over her current status, Nikole said that she's a star on TV, a billionaire and a household name because that's what she desired and that she wants to change the world. Addressing her Instagram family, the model said: "I'm here to give hope, provide guidance, tap into your potential, unleash your power, & help you rise the fuck up."

Nikole Mitchell
Nikole Mitchell Is A Billionaire

Nikole Mitchell's Scandalous Photos:

It's quite hard to believe a mother-of-three could look so hot. Mitchell's Instagram pictures are proof that she's not just another model in the industry, she's an ocean of talent and beauty when it comes to her photoshoots. From donning tiny outfits to scandalously going naked on camera, Mitchell has done it all. Here are some of the most stunning photoshoots of Mitchell one shouldn't miss:

Nikole Mitchell
Nikole Mitchell is a mom of three