Nibiru Update: Is Vatican aware of the truth about Planet X?

A new conspiracy theory suggests that Pope Francis is well aware of Nibiru, but he is hiding it.


The conspiracy theories surrounding Nibiru alias Planet X have now reached a new height, as a newly put forward theory claims that Vatican is well aware of this killer planet and its destructive powers. CJ, a top Nibiru analyst in the US who refused to divulge his real name has revealed that Vatican along with other world powers is trying to suppress information regarding Planet X.

Shocking claims

Recently, CJ gave an exclusive interview to Express UK, and during the talk, he said that Vatican led by Pope Francis is aware of it. As per CJ, Vatican has been aware of Nibiru's arrival for centuries, as details about the planetary hit were mentioned in the book of Revelation. CJ also added that former American President Ronald Regan was informed about Nibiru by NASA. But soon he received a call from the Vatican and was forced to sign an agreement not to speak about the planet anymore.

As per Nibiru apocalypse theory, a lone planet lurking at the edge of our solar system will hit Earth resulting in drastic devastations throughout the planet. Earlier, Christian numerologist David Meade has claimed that the Nibiru apocalypse will happen on October 15, but the date went uneventfully. Later he added that the world will witness a seven-year tribulation period starting from October 15.

According to CJ, a group of mysterious families in the Earth is waiting for the doomsday, as it will help them start a new world under the Luciferian order. The conspiracy theorist also added that Vatican has always been following Luciferian principles, and the real history is always under wraps for the common man.

NASA knows Nibiru is there?

Recently, NASA indirectly admitted that Nibiru is real. According to NASA, a ninth planet exists in our solar system, which is still unknown to the modern science. As NASA admits the presence of an unknown planet, conspiracy theorists believe that it is nothing other than the monstrous Nibiru.

As per conspiracy theorists, the size of Nibiru is too mammoth and its gravitational pull has already started destabilizing the planets in our solar system. They also believe that the gravitational pull of Nibiru is the reason behind the increased earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in different parts of the world.