Are they coming? Russia's nuclear missile test triggers alien invasion fears

As Russia tested four intercontinental nuclear-capable ballistic missiles, conspiracy theorists believe that it is the country's precautionary act against a possible alien invasion

Strange Balls Russia
YouTube video Screenshot

Russia recently fired four intercontinental nuclear-capable ballistic missiles as a part of their wide-ranging military exercises. In the meantime, several people living in Northern Russia shared photographs and videos of a giant fireball in the sky and claimed that the recent missile test is the country's precautionary act against a possible alien invasion.

Mysterious Northern lights

As the giant fireball appeared in the Northern Russian skies, many people feared that it is nothing but an alien invasion from the other part of the Universe. When the news about the nuclear tests too surfaced, these people believed that an interstellar war is a possibility, which might end up wiping out the entire human civilization.

On the other hand, experts have something different to say about the strange globes of light appeared on the night. As per these experts, rocket launches in the night can create interesting visual illusions in the sky, and the suspected fireball in the sky was the result of the missile test conducted by Vladimir Putin at the same time.

The video released by the defense Ministry Russia featured an intercontinental missile launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northwestern Russia which later traversed the entire country and finally hit the target at a testing range in Kamchatka.

New doomsday claim surfaces online

In the midst of these developments, a group of astronomers and seismologists have claimed that the world is going to end on November 19, 2017. According to the new theory, Planet X alias Nibiru will hit the Earth on this day, causing devastating effects all around the planet. The claims made on the website says that there is a growing number of earthquakes all around the world, and this signals that Nibiru is fast approaching the planet.

Earlier similar claims were made by self-proclaimed Christian numerologist David Meade. He claimed that the world will end either on September 23 or October 15, but both these days passed uneventfully. Later, Meade made it clear that his claims have been misinterpreted by the media. Now, Meade says that the world is now going to witness a seven-year tribulation period, which will see natural disasters like earthquakes and a nuclear war between the world powers.