Nibiru is coming to destroy Earth on November 19, but why is it invisible?

Conspiracy theorists claim that Nibiru alias Planet X will hit the Earth on November 19, but still it remains invisible to our naked eyes.


After September 23 and October 15, conspiracy theorists have now put forward a new date which will mark the end of the world. According to newly surfaced theories, Nibiru alias Planet X will hit the Earth on November 15, 2017, leading to mass destruction. Even if the planet does not hit the Earth, its gravitational pull will lead to seismic activities resulting in fatal earthquakes all around the world.

As the claims surrounding Nibiru are reaching its peak, NASA has refuted these theories and has called Nibiru an internet hoax. According to the space agency, the planet would have been already visible if it was there in our solar system. But conspiracy theorists have put forward a new explanation regarding the invisible status of Nibiru.

Why Nibiru remains invisible?

According to conspiracy theorists, Nibiru is basically a twin of our star Sun and it has the capability to squeeze and pull the earth with its massive gravitational force. The new theory put forward by conspiracy theorists claim that Planet X is a brown dwarf, which is basically a massive clump of gas and dust that tried and failed to become a star. It is gravity which pulls the star together, however, it does not have enough mass to trigger reactions like our sun.

As a result of these factors, the brown dwarf emits little or no light which makes it impossible for us to see. Even though it is invisible, its gravitational force can directly impact the stability of the Earth.

The new world-end theory

The new theory of Armageddon claims that the world will surely end on November 19 when Nibiru hits or passes close to Earth. When it happens, massive tremors will happen all over the planet which will result in devastation beyond our imagination.

As per the new theory, the growing number of earthquakes in different parts of the world is the indication of Nibiru's close approach. The astronomers at states that the seismic activities will reach its peak on November 19, resulting in the mass destruction.

We should wait for three more weeks to know whether this predicted doomsday date too will get passed uneventfully.

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