New York Substitute Teacher Fired After Video Shows Her Shopping for Sex Toys Online During Class [VIDEO]

A Long Island substitute teacher has been removed from a school district's roster after a viral video appeared to show her shopping for sex toys in the middle of class.

In video footage obtained by the New York Post, the teacher was seen sitting at a desk in the front of the class browsing through adult toys on her computer, which was linked to a projector screen, as the Valley Stream South High School students watched in disbelief.

teacher caught shopping for sex toys
Stills from the video clip obtained by the New York Post show the teacher browsing through the sex toys on her computer. YouTube

The students can be heard laughing and making comments, such as "what the f-ck?" and "Oh my God," as she checked out the X-rated products on a website.

It's not yet clear if the teacher was aware that her screen was visible to the entire classroom, but a lecture about Garrett Morgan - the inventor of the traffic light – was going on in the background. Watch the video below:

School Principal Releases Statement, Teacher Fired from District

The school's principal released the following statement after the video went viral."I am dismayed by the action taken by this substitute teacher, but can assure you that I and the district have taken this matter very seriously and action has been taken," said Valley Stream South Principal Maureen Henry.

"Please know that all students in that class were given an opportunity to speak with their guidance counselor today to discuss their concerns," she added.

According to a spokesperson at the school, the substitute teacher had been removed from the district's roster and would no longer be teaching at schools in the Valley Stream Central High School District.

Last month, a high school teacher in Long Island was arrested after she allegedly injected injected a 17-year-old student with a COVID-19 vaccine without the consent of his parents, as previously reported. She was charged under state education law with unauthorized practice of a profession under New York State Education Law.