New York Judge Accused of Forcing Underage Girl to Have Sex with Son, Demanding Oral Sex From Her

Justice George Wittlinger has served as a judge in Ancram, New York, for the last 20 years

A New York judge has found himself at the other side of court after sexual abuse allegations have emerged against him and his son.

Ancram Judge George Wittlinger and his son Daniel Wittlinger are being sued by an 18-year-old anonymous woman who has accused the father-son duo of sexual abuse.

The lawsuit, filed in theColumbia County Supreme Court under the New York Child Victims Act, alleges that the plaintiff and Daniel became romantically involved in the summer of 2017.

Judge Wittlinger Walked In On Them Having Sex

Daniel Wittlinger
Daniel Wittlinger Facebook

Shortly after they started dating, the judge moved the then 15-year-old girl and her 9-year-old sister into the Wittlinger's Ancramdale residence. According to court documents, not long after she moved in, Judge Wittlinger started encouraging her to have sex with his teenage son.

In September 2017, when the teens engaged in sexual intercourse for the first time, Judge Wittlinger walked in on them. The victim said that the Judge Wittlinger also offered her "Twisted Tea and hard lemonade," both of which are alcoholic beverages.

Forced to Perform Fellatio on Judge

In addition, the girl said that the judge would often drive her to and from high school and give her gifts and money. In exchange, he would solicit sexual favors for himself and his son, according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiff noted that Judge Wittlinger coerced and demanded her to perform oral sex on him on multiple occasions. Court documents quote her as saying, "The oral sex caused extreme physical and emotional discomfort for the plaintiff who continues until the day of this pleading to suffer from anxiety as a result of these acts of forced fellatio upon his uncircumcised penis."

Wittlinger, who has served as Ancram Town Justice for more than two decades, has not yet released a statement in the wake of the allegations.