New Jersey Woman Throws 54-Year-Old Woman to the Ground After Being Asked to Wear Mask [VIDEO]

The video shows a woman forcibly grabbing a 54-year-old woman's walking stick and throwing her to the ground

As controversies over wearing a mask in public gain momentum across the US, a shocking new video has emerged from New Jersey where a 54-year-old woman was shoved and thrown on the ground by another woman. The assault took place at a Staples store in New Jersey's Hackensack.

The incident occurred on Wednesday; however, the CCTV footage of the attack was released on social media on Friday and has since gone viral. The row between the two women transpired after Margot Kagan, who was at the Staples store using a fax machine, asked another woman to wear her mask properly.

Attacked for Asking to Follow Rules

Margot Kagan assault
Margot Kagan, a 54-year-old woman, was attacked by a young woman at a Staples store in New Jersey. YouTube

In the video, the woman—who appeared to be in her 30s—can be seen with a mask pulled under her chin leaving her mouth and the nose open. Following the argument, the woman forcibly grabbed Kagan's walking stick and threw her on the ground.

No store employees could be seen intervening in the matter or help Kagan after she fell. Another woman standing nearby was hit by a plexiglass divider that fell after the attacker dislodged it. Kagan, who had undergone a liver transplant four months ago, told CBS2 that the woman cursed at her. She also said she suffered a broken tibia from the assault.

"It's really, actually quite painful," Kagan reportedly said. "There was a woman on the other side of the COVID dividers that they have everywhere now, and she wasn't wearing it either. She was wearing it below her chin."

Mask a Requisite to Appear in Public

It is mandatory to wear a mask at a public place, according to a new executive order signed by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. The woman who assaulted Kagan remained unidentified. Hackensack police officials have launched an investigation into the matter and are trying to locate the woman.

To wear or not to wear a mask has become a hot topic of discussion among people. Viral videos show people refusing to wear a face-covering at stores claiming that it breached their human rights. However, some people took drastic steps against those who flouted social distancing guidelines and refuse to wear a mask. A viral video showed a California couple throwing coffee over a man because he did not wear a mask.