Maskless Virginia Woman Bullies Barista, Calls Her 'Bitter' For Refusing to Serve Her a Latte [VIDEO]

The woman was filmed accusing the barista of endangering the lives of others by 'confronting' her and making her talk

A video of a woman arguing with a barista over the café's no-mask no-service policy and then blaming the employee for making her talk and endangering the lives of other customers is being circulated on social media.

The clip was shared originally by another customer, Christina Morris, on Facebook along with a lengthy caption detailing the incident, which took place at Ridgetop Café in Sterling, Virginia.

'You're Putting Everybody in Danger By Confronting Me'

Virginia woman bullies barista
A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. Facebook

"Came to get coffee at Ridgetop Cafe and this poor barista was simply accosted and berated by this customer.... for 'infringing on her personal freedoms and liberties,'" Morris wrote alongside the video. The clip starts off with the woman, who can be seen without a mask, arguing with the barista for asking her to leave the premises and holds the employee responsible for putting the lives of others at risk by engaging in a conversation with her.

"You're confronting me. You're forcing me to give you an explanation, which is causing me to talk, and you're putting everybody in danger by confronting me," she tells the barista while filming with her cellphone. The state of Virginia has a mask mandate that requires citizens to wear face coverings inside businesses and failure to comply can result in establishments having their licenses revoked.

"Whereas if you had just let me get my beverage, if you had just let me get my food like everybody else in here who is not wearing a mask then I would've gotten my food, I would've gotten my beverage, I would've sat down and I would've peacefully had my meal like I always do when I come in here," she can be heard saying.

'I'm Going to Sue You'

She then accuses the employee of being "bitter" and infringing upon her rights because of her "personal bias" against her. The woman then says she can't be asked to leave the café until everybody else in the café who isn't wearing a mask is also asked to leave and that she's going to sue them.

According to Morris, there were seven other people in the café and everybody was wearing a mask, except for two people who had temporarily removed their masks to take a sip of their drink

"I'm not going to leave because of whatever bitterness you have inside of you," she says to the barista. "I'm going to get my order like everybody else and I'm going to sit down like I have hundreds, well say probably about fifty times before throughout these last few months and I'm going to do the same thing I do everyday." The barista then agrees to accept the woman's order before the video ends. Watch the full clip below:

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