New 100,000 AI-generated faces look like real humans, unfolding next generation of media

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The world is very familiar with the booming industry of next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence as well as with the pros and cons of their uses. Recently a website has shared some AI-generated images which not only stunned many internet users but also raised concern over such unique creation.

There is no denying that such technologies are spreading all over the world. But people cannot overlook the dark side of using these technologies, especially the growing fear that Deepfake contents are becoming so realistic that innocent people are at risk of going behind the bars, claims experts.

In this recent case, the website, called Generated Photos, have shared 100,000 AI-generated headshots with an aim to build the next generation of media through the power of AI. Generated by their internal AI systems, these pictures, which look like the images of real humans can be found on the website.

AI images
AI images

As described by the website, "Copyrights, distribution rights, and infringement claims will soon be things of the past."

It is also mentioned that they created a free resource of 100,000 AI created high-quality images to make all the internet users understand, what the team members have been working on and in return, they just want credit.

"Use them in your presentations, projects, mockups or wherever — all for just a link back to us!" the website wrote.

After seeing these images which were posted as a promotional advertisement on the YouTube channel of Generated Photos, many users said that they could put licensed stock photo companies and models out of business.

In YouTube, the designers stated in the description section that they are currently working to "train and refine our generative models toward our ultimate goal: creating a simple API that can produce infinite diversity."

"We are iterating fast, but things aren't perfect quite yet. When you see a face that is a bit 'off', just give it some slack."

As per their claims, these headshots features consistent lighting, consistent sizing, range of angles, positions, range of facial expressions, a wide variety of ethnicities, all ages and all face shapes.

Even though most of the images look so real, there are some pictures where the AI had glitched around the forehead region and left a futuristic wound, some of the models just look wrapped and there are people with limbs around their faces.

The team behind this unique project aims to create AI that can easily generate convincing pictures of humans based on just a few inputs.

The website details have claimed that these AI-generated faced would be perfect for:

  • User Interface Design for Web and Mobile apps
  • Educational, Projects, Handouts and Worksheets
  • Emails and Newsletters
  • Landing Pages
  • Presentations
  • User Avatars

"This work isn't just a one-off novelty. We are building an entire toolset that will let anyone harness the creative power of AI as easily as integrating an API," mentioned Generated Photos.

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