Netizens react to Adele's weight loss pictures; express concern about her appearance

Netizens express their concerns about Adele's weight loss after photos surface of her on vacation online. They seem to be divided in their opinion about her before and after looks

The British singing sensation, Adele, has impressed millions with her beautiful voice and while Adele never fails to grab the attention of her fans, her recent holiday pictures in Antigua have got many talking about her slimmer and toned up look.

Adele weight loss Christmas picture on Instagram
Instagram Adele

Netizens on social media made the singer's weight a topic of discussion, while others have voiced concerns about her health and others expressed their concern about her appearance, saying that she is too thin.

Adele is working towards looking fit for her son

Despite the criticism over her plus-size body, Adele has always strongly insisted she is body confident regardless of size - and will only change for herself and no one else. Sources claimed that the singer enjoying her routine like never before. Adele is working towards looking fit for her son. She is not only working on setting a good example for him but the singer is also aiming to be healthy.

A fan of 'sirtfood diet', Adele followed this diet to lose weight and get into a healthier and (needless to say, impressive) shape.

What is Sirtfood Diet?

The Sirtfood Diet, monitored by dieticians, is about eating and drinking food and drinks which is high in sirtuin activators. Sirtuin is a protein which protects cell bodies from dying, and also plays a role in regular metabolism, increases muscle and helps in burning fat.

Two dishes which are favourites for those on the diet are red wine and dark chocolate, both of which happen to be high in sirtuin activators. Those following the diet are asked to restrict their intake to 1000 calories a day in the first week which is then increased to 1500.

The reports of the 31-year-old's 22kg weight loss transformation come after she has filed for divorce from husband Simon Konecki after three years of marriage. The couple shares a seven-year-old son, Angelo, reported Fox News.