Netizens Criticize SM Entertainment for Not Including All Active EXO Members in Upcoming Concert

SM Entertainment is coming up with a new concert in summer, and it will feature the performances of several famous bands under the record label. The details of the upcoming musical event, including the date, time, venue, and lineup, were released by the firm on Monday, April 25. The lineup captured the attention of some eagle-eyed netizens who were curious to know why the agency did not include all the active EXO members in the list.i

The concert titled SM Town Live 2022: SMCU Express @ Tokyo will take place at Tokyo Dome on August 27 and 28. EXO members Suho, Chen, and Kai, are gearing up to perform live on stage with other SM artists during the musical event. After seeing the lineup, some EXO-Ls were curious to find out why the record label did not include other active members of the boy band -- Xiumin, D.O., and Sehun -- on the list. They expressed their disappointments in the comment section.

An EXO-L expressed his happiness about the participation of the boy group in the concert. But the netizen was also curious to know why the other active members of the band were not attending the event.

"Honestly I'm really happy to see that EXO is participating in SMTOWN LIVE. But why only Suho, Chen, Kai??? Where's Xiumin, Sehun, Kyungsoo??? Can't you put all the six members together?? @SMTOWNGLOBAL... I hope to see all the seven members together on stage, including Lay," the Netizen wrote.

The members of K-Pop boy band EXO performing live onstage Twitter/EXO

Other netizens came up suggestions of a full album or a family concert of EXO with active involvement from all the six active members.

Netizens' Reactions

I'd be happy if Chen also appeared, but where are the others? why only 3 people even though there are currently 6 active exo members?! they can bring 1 full exo song and fill the void of the other members. I Miss EXO so much

I tried to think positively, but this agency also did the same to EXO the previous year. Is the requirement to be a "fAmiLy cOncErt" line up must have a solo album?

EXO has 6 active members which I know can confidently perform most of the songs and yet u decided to just include 3 of them, I dont get it. What about the rest of the members? Wat Is all this division.

Anytime SM @SMTOWNGLOBAL is having joint activities, I noticed that the EXO members are never complete, this division is annoying, most of the groups have their active members and all we got is 3 out of 6. U jokers. They are the biggest of them all. Remember that.

Why aren't there other EXO members? Why can't we see them together as a group? Why isn't EXO releasing a group album until August? WHY??

How hard is it for you get exo performing as a grp they got together for exo ladder n the fan meet but why not for 2 days at Tokyo dome wtf is going on ?!

SM Entertainment is yet to respond to the criticisms about the lineup of the upcoming concert, SM Town Live 2022: SMCU Express @ Tokyo.