EXO Member DO Unveils First Solo Mini-Album Empathy; Explains Title Track Rose

EXO member DO has unveiled his first solo mini-album, titled Empathy, on July 26, and it features the title track, Rose. The mini-album has eight tracks in total, including six new songs and two bonus tracks. The bonus track consists of an English version of the title track Rose and a Spanish version of the B-side song, It's Love.

The K-pop idol revealed that he felt new while working on this project because it was his first experience working without his teammates. The singer then explained how he is used to singing with the other EXO members and the difficulties he faced while singing all alone. But he said it was a fun experience, and he wants the listeners to experience the same while listening to the tracks.

EXO Member DO Opens Up About Title Track Rose

The Korean singer explained that the title track, Rose, is an acoustic folk genre song with a refreshing rhythm of guitar. According to him, the song has an easy melody, and it can be easily picked up by music lovers. The singer himself wrote the lyrics for this song, and he revealed that he decided to do it because he wanted the people to feel loved after listening to this song.

"After deciding the theme of the album would be empathy, one of the things I thought of was love, an emotion that anyone could feel, and I felt that it would be nice if my songs could comfort others like my previous song That's Okay. So I tried to write the lyrics myself," DO said during an interview (via Soompi).

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The young Korean heartthrob also explained how he came up with the English version of the title track Rose and the Spanish version of the B-side song Its Love. He said the guide tracks were in English and Spanish when he first heard these tracks. After listening to it, he felt the lyrics and vibes were great. So, he wanted to sing these songs for all the music lovers from across the globe.

"I'm curious what people will think of my album. It is my solo album, so I'm very nervous and excited. I worked hard to make it so that you can feel the good energy while listening to the songs, so I hope you will be happy. Make sure to eat well and stay healthy," an EXO member told all his fans worldwide.