Cyberattack on Deloittle compromised clients' private information

The consulting firm has stated that they have taken necessary actions after finding out about the hack

According to a report by The Guardian, US-based consulting firm Deloitte was hit with a cyberattack, which may have revealed the private information, including the e-mails, of its government and corporate clients.

As per the report, Deloitte managed to uncover the attack in March, although the hackers might have had access to the company's systems since as far back as October.

The hack comes among a series of cyberattacks, that have happened against major organizations during the past few months. Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission and credit agency Equifax were also compromised following such a cyberattack by hackers.

In case of Deloitte, it appears that the hackers managed to breach the email servers by using an "administrative account," which possibly had broad access to the company's emails, stated the publication. Add to the e-mails, hackers may have also acquired Deloitte clients' usernames, passwords, IP addresses and health information.

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The company confirmed the hack via an emailed statement, although, it said that "only very few clients were impacted" and "no disruption" to client businesses occurred, the publication reported.

Deloitte went through a "comprehensive security protocol" and thoroughly reviewed the hack, added the company statement. It also contacted concerned authorities promptly after it discovered the incident and contacted each affected client.