NDE shock: Man claims to have felt a jolt of God while being on the verge of death

The man who had a near-death experience revealed that the moments during death are neither pleasant nor distressing

Since the day humans attained consciousness, the fact of death has been perplexing everyone. Religious believers, citing holy books, claim that humans continue to live in spiritual form after death, while medical experts argue that human consciousness dies forever after the brain stops functioning. Spiritualists usually put forward the testimonials of those who have had near-death experience (NDE) to substantiate the notion of afterlife, and one such testimonial has now gone viral in online spaces.

The unusual case of James

In a recent post shared on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website, a man named James has shared his near-death experience. James apparently had NDE following a heart attack, and he claims that he felt a jolt of God while being on the verge of death.

Representational Image (Human Consciousness) Pixabay

"I was in a totally black, lightless, and noiseless void. Somehow, I was given a choice. I don't know who or what gave me the choice, it was more like I just knew it to be a choice. If I chose to go to the right, I knew there were peace and serenity. The jolt, I instantly knew, was the touch of God. At that moment, I felt a connection to everything that ever did or ever would exist. It was like seeing the fabric of space and reality. It was like seeing all of creation and feeling unity with it. For some reason, I associate the word 'purple' with this, but have no idea why," wrote James on the NDERF website.

Will we see our dear ones after death?

In the testimonial, James also claims to have seen his friend who died recently. It was his friend who informed James that he should return to earth as his time was not up.

James revealed that his near-death experience was neither pleasant nor distressing. He added that he lost awareness of his body during the time of death.

Medical experts believe that it is the survival trick of the human brain which is leading to these weird sightings. As per health experts, the human brain faces a shortage of oxygen during NDE, and the sightings happen when the human brain tries to recover.