Nazca alien corpses are of extra-terrestrial origin, scientist confirms

A scientist has claimed that the corpses found in Nazca are of extra-terrestrial origin

Alien mummies
Alien mummies YouTube screengrab

A scientist who investigated the mummified corpses unearthed in Nazca, Peru has claimed that the remains are of non-human beings, and may be connected to extra-terrestrial life. Dr Jose Benitez, a doctor in forensic medicine is a part of the team which researched the three-fingered corpses found in a Nazca cave.

Soon after the discovery of these corpses, many leading scientists in Peru called it a hoax and said that they have been created using ancient mummies of humans.

An authentic proof of alien life

Now, Dr Jose Benitez has openly come forward and has made it clear that these corpses do not belong to Earth, and they may be from some other distant planets. This is not the first time that a reputed scientist is ensuring the authenticity of these corpses. Last month, Dr Edson Vivancoa, a renowned skeletal specialist has affirmed that these remains are of extra-terrestrial origins.

According to Jose Benitez, the corpse found had several abnormalities when compared to a human body. The doctor made it clear that these remains have a big head, wider eyes, and smaller nose. Interestingly, these corpses do not have ears, and they have three fingers and three toes. The bone structure is also different, as it is very much wider than humans.

A coverup by the Peruvian Government

In the midst of these developments, many conspiracy theorists believe that the Peruvian Government is covering up the incident, and are not conducting any further studies to ensure the authenticity of the claims made by experts like Benitez.

Jose Benitez has also asked for an investigation on this issue. "It is very important, we are faced with the possibility of discovering an organic being very similar to the human, but totally different at the same time," said Benitez, reports Daily Star.

Even in the midst of these claims, a DNA test performed on these bodies indicated that the remains were 100 percent human. Carbon dating performed on bodies indicated that they lived in between 245 AD and 410 AD.

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