Nathan Millard: Cops Arrest Prostitute and Hunt for Second after Georgia Dad Overdosed and Body Is Found Wrapped in Carpet and Disposed Off

The investigation has since found that the family man died after allegedly using narcotics and engaging in prostitution.

Two prostitutes have come under scrutiny in the case of a dead husband who was discovered in an abandoned Louisiana lot wrapped in a carpet. According to authorities, they assisted in covering up his death. Tiffany Ann Guidry, 26, was arrested on Friday for unlawful disposal of remains in connection to the disappearance of Nathan Millard, 42, on February 23.

According to an arrest report, Guidry was wanted along with Tabbetha Barner, 33, who hasn't been arrested, for prostitution and failure to seek assistance in Millard's death. Millard, known for being a "girl dad" and family man, who was a father-of-five, was found dead, wrapped in plastic and a carpet, by a Baton Rouge roadway on March 6.

Mysterious Death

Tiffany Ann Guidry and Tabbetha Barner
Tiffany Ann Guidry and Tabbetha Barner Twitter

It is believed that Mallard had overdosed accidentally. An arrest warrant states that prior to his death, the man had come across the two suspected prostitutes while "looking for something to make him feel better," including "a girl to take back to his room."

Millard, a father of four teenage sons and a seven-year-old girl from Walton County, Georgia, was traveling for business to scout out potential contract sites for his Conyers-based company Advanced Construction.

Nathan Millard
Nathan Millard Twitter

His wife Amber previously told WSB TV that he FaceTimed her that night from the Louisiana State University basketball game. She said there was no text from him when she woke up the next morning, which was unusual for the family man.

Additionally, Amber said that the police had shown her security footage of someone using his debit card to make a cash withdrawal from an ATM close to a Greyhound bus stop.

Millard never returned to his nearby hotel room after the basketball game and drinks at the bar with a client from his place of business. He had allegedly not disturbed the space, and the following morning's scheduled meeting was held without him.

Derrick Perkins
Derrick Perkins Twitter

Images from the surveillance footage showed Millard exiting the Courtyard Marriott, where he and his client were spending the night.

The investigation has since found that the family man died after allegedly using narcotics and engaging in prostitution.

Bad Girls, Bad Decision

Derrick Perkins, 45, was first detained in connection with Millard's death on March 14 and was charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle, three counts of access device fraud, and property damage.

Nathan Millard with wife
Nathan Millard with his wife Amber Twitter

He was said to have driven a stolen 2004 Toyota Camry close to the crime site and was charged with using the victim's debit card.

Perkins, a purported drug dealer, eventually admitted to authorities that Millard had been with four prostitutes the night he vanished.

The dealer said he picked up Millard and two prostitutes, referred to as C and L.M. and drove them around while they got high.

The police report states that immediately after being driven to the Greyhound Bus Station to withdraw money, Millard was introduced to one of the prostitutes, who was black, by a homeless man named J.W.

Nathan Millard with wife
Nathan Millard with his wife Amber Twitter

When a station employee offered to help, Millard declined and left with J.W. to find a prostitute to "make him feel better."

The two drove around in the Toyota dealer's car while high and introduced Millard to Perkins. Later, around 4 am, Millard walked to Circle K with the prostitutes to get cash. According to the complaint, he then left the prostitutes inside and told Perkins he wanted a "white female" instead.

The last time Millard was spotted was on Circle K surveillance footage. Perkins then took a drive to pick up Guidry who was nearby. However, Millard continued to be unsatisfied and asked for additional women. The dealer then traveled to Barner's residence to pick her up.

According to the report, the four went to a home on Lorri Burgess Avenue where Perkins claimed he waited outside while the others used syringes.

"They were all up in there doing that s***. I don't f*** with that s***," Perkins told police.

Perkins was then sent to a nearby store to make an undisclosed purchase using Millard's credit card. He waited outside when he got back as the three engaged in sexual activity.

Barner soon informed the dealer that Millard had died while they were still at the house. Barner hurried to retrieve Narcan, a medication that can stop an overdose.

The medicine and CPR did not help in reviving him, though.

The three allegedly took matters into their own hands and, rather than calling the police, wrapped Millard in the carpet he had collapsed on and threw him into the Toyota.

His body was later dumped near the 2900 block of Scenic Highway, where it was found days later by an unidentified man who was driving along the road and caught a whiff of decomposition.

When word of the father's death spread, Perkins allegedly had already painted the car's bumper, taken off stickers, and switched registration plates. He was charged with trying to "disguise" the car by the police.

He later sold the vehicle and set it on fire. When being questioned by authorities, Barner admitted she had never met Millard. According to the police report, she stated that Perkins picked her up on February 23 in a "panic" for "Narcan."

According to the report, Barner told detectives on March 14 that she tried to get into the Toyota but was unable to do so because of the jumbled-up clothing in the backseat and the presence of a "white female" in the front seat.

The location of Milliard's phone was traced not far from his hotel after initial investigations revealed a video of him exploring the area.

In the video that was made public earlier this month, Millard was seen leaving Happy's Irish Pub and heading along Florida Boulevard in the Louisianan city when he was stopped by a patron for being too drunk.

Following that, Millard walked to the bus terminal and was allegedly captured on numerous security cameras wandering the neighborhood, including with an unidentified man.